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Mark Zuckerberg And His Nigerian Born Worker “Ime Archibon” Run Marathon

Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg on
Sunday, July 31 took to his page to share a
photo from a marathon with Nigerian-born
Facebook executive Ime Archibong.

“Thanks Ime for pretending like we run at
the same pace. Fist bump at mile 9!
#SFHalfMarathon” he captioned the
Archibong is best known as the director
of product partnerships at Facebook
where he leads a team working to connect
the social media’s products and strategies
with various business partners.

The son of Nigerian immigrants, he was
raised in North Carolina and holds a
Bachelor’s of Science degree in Electrical
Engineering and Computer Science from
Yale University and a MBA from the
Stanford Graduate School of Business.
Prior to joining Facebook, Argibong
worked at IBM for several years as a
software engineer in Tucson, Arizona

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