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USA vs. Nigeria 2016 final score: Americans roll, 110-66, in last exhibition before Rio Olympics

The U.S. men's national basketball team
finished off its pre-Olympics showcase
with a 110-66 win over Nigeria on
night. The Americans had no trouble
sweeping through their four-game
exhibition schedule and enter Rio looking
like the heavy favorites to take the gold.
The game at Toyota Center started out
close but quickly turned into a blowout.
Team USA went on a 30-6 run in the first
half to blow things wide open then
steadily built on its lead with good
defense and shooting.
Even though the U.S. wasn't playing its
best, its talent advantage is almost always
present. The team's ability to spread size
and length across all five positions makes
mismatches a near constant. A shorter
three-point line compared to the NBA
means elite shooters like Kevin Durant
and Klay Thompson can start gunning
from even closer than usual. Nobody has
figured out how to score regularly on
these guys, either.
Nigeria was able to get some penetration
at times but found itself stuck from there.
DeAndre Jordan, Durant and the other rim
protectors were always ready to make
things difficult. Nigeria doesn't have the
three-point shooting to drive, kick it out
and regularly make defenses pay,
especially given the length that the U.S.
has in closing out. Nigeria shot 4-of-29
from three in this game (including 0-of-23
to start), which was the biggest reason
they fell behind so quickly. You can't
shoot 14 percent from three against
anyone, but especially not against Team
The Americans shot 54 percent from the
floor, including 13-of-33 from three.
Carmelo Anthony led the team with 19
points on 7-of-13 shooting. Klay Thompson
wasn't far behind with 17 points, while
Durant scored 14. Kyle Lowry almost had a
triple-double with 11 assists, eight points
and eight rebounds in 27 minutes.
DeMar DeRozan, who scored 13 points in
22 minutes, is clearly on a mission to dunk
all over the world this summer. He tried to
do a 360 while dunking on someone against
China, and now this:
Look at Durant's reaction. Even DeRozan's
own teammates think these dunks are just
absurd (in a good way, of course).
For Nigeria, the leading scorer was
Chamberlain Oguchi, who scored 21 points
on 8-of-17 shooting. Oguchi hit all four of
Nigeria's three-pointers. Alade Aminu, the
brother of Blazers forward Al-Farouq
Aminu, added 13 points on 6-of-10
shooting. The other Aminu is no longer
participating with the national team this
year, reportedly due to complications over
insuring his NBA contract. Former NBA
players Ike Diogu and Ben Uzoh added 10
points apiece.
It was another strong defensive effort for
Team USA, which will enter Rio looking
very strong on that end of the floor. The
team's shooting came and went during the
showcase, but defense ensured that the
final results were never all that close.
Coach K's team allowed just 56.3 points
per game during the four exhibitions.
The competition will be much tougher in
Rio, where the stakes are higher and the
talent is more plentiful, but the past few
games have made it clear the U.S. is yet
again the team to beat. They're going to
be brutally tough on defense and spread
the floor with shooting galore. As we saw
again against Nigeria, mos

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