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Why Kanye West might just become an iconic creative director

Kanye West

Kanye West might just become an iconic fashion designer (thanks to his Yeezy brand)!

The rapper brought the right amount of drama in the wake of the New York Fashion Week 2016 with his Yeezy Season 4 showcase despite the show being called a 'disaster'

Kanye West proves there’s no stopping his Yeezy line as he stages a showcase for the season 4 last night 7th September 2016. The rapper and fashion designer who has continued to push his luxury street styled line held a presentation at the Roosevelt Island in New York with only very few celebrities and press allowed in.
One thing Kanye West has been able to do for himself is gather his contacts of world’s most famous celebrities (marrying one;Kim Kardashian), has access to top brands for collaborations, has the ears of revered fashion editors and enthusiasts and more while showcasing in the most disruptive way ever!
Yeezy Season 4play

From his out of the world designs; the eccentric designer known for his extremely vocal ways shows off his brand in the most extravagant and strangest ways ever raking in all kinds of reviews but ultimately driving attention towards his brands setting the internet abuzz while at it.
A lot of people will argue his designs are unnecessary and just plain absurd but everyone knows about the brand (even checking on the retail price once in a while) and finally some coming around to ‘try out the styles’ (made cool by the Kardashians especially Kim)
From the impractical sheer PVC boots, the shredded t-shirts, the nude body stocking/suit and more, Yeezy becomes cooler each season let's face it!
Prior to the showcase, West had called for multiracial models to feature in the show but the showcase was done with dark skinned models in the majority all lined on a field wearing pieces in brown and nude tones against a white runway constructed within the field.
The offerings off the new collection featured ankle and thigh high boots in leather and PVC, Khakis in coats, sweater dresses, knit swimwears/unitards, parkers and more with Tayana Taylor (the muse of the season) modeling alongside Chanel Iman in the latest presentation.

Yeezy Season 4play
Yeezy Season 4 presentation
 (Splash News Australia)

The models all had minimalist looks with the pieces making the statement with an overall sporty and monochromatic display to make the showcase one to remember!
As usual the Kardashian clan including Kim Kardashian,Kendall Jenner and Kylie Jenner were perched in showstopping (not necessarily conventional snapping away selfies) pieces as they sat front row in new season looks from West’s brand.
Though there were reports of models fainting in the heat, shoes snapping on the runway (and hopefully Mr West takes a cue to improve on presentation) he’s gradually building a portfolio and gearing up to disrupt that industry which might well work for his good!

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