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Obama says Donald Trump's comments on women disqualifying

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President Barack Obama said on Tuesday that Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump's remarks on a 2005 tape about grabbing ladies would exclude him from even a vocation at an accommodation store. 

Talking at a battle rally in Greensboro, North Carolina, for Democratic presidential chosen one Hillary Clinton, Obama said the decision was clear in the Nov. 8 decision even before the tape was released a week ago demonstrating Trump talking roughly about ladies. 

"Presently you discover a circumstance in which the person says stuff that no one would discover bearable on the off chance that they were applying for a vocation at 7-Eleven," Obama told the group, alluding to the accommodation store chain. 

Trump said amid Sunday night's presidential open deliberation he was humiliated by the video, yet rejected it as "locker room talk." 

Obama additionally reprimanded a few Republicans who have denounced the comments however are as yet sponsorship the New York businessperson. 

"The way that now you have individuals saying: 'We emphatically dissent, we truly object ... in any case, despite everything we're underwriting him.' regardless they think he ought to be president, that doesn't sound good to me," Obama said. 

Prior on Tuesday, White House representative Josh Earnest said the comments in the recording added up to rape. 

Obama additionally trained in on Trump's business qualifications, alluding to a New York Times report that demonstrated he guaranteed an almost billion dollar misfortune in one year on his charges in the 1990s. 

"They say the house dependably wins," Obama jested about Trump, who was a gambling club engineer at the time. "I don't know how that happens."

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