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Davido brags about earning $100,000 in a week![click to see photo]

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Davido is not the circumspect sort with regards to his riches and resources. 
The artist shared by means of his Snapchat that he procures $100,000 every week. 
Reported in a fairly proud style, the vocalist dished about his achievement by expressing that his week after week income is not shabby for somebody of his age. 
Davido boasts of his $100,000 weekly earnings on his Snapchat.

He thought of, "One life to live!! 100k dollars a week ain't awful for a 23 year old!! 

This is not the first run through the singer has shared stories of his prosperity. 

Prior in 2016, he gloated that his Rolex wristwatch can purchase no less than twenty autos. 

His unnecessary show of riches has earned him a considerable measure of feedback as he has never been the sort that applies the littlest piece of circumspection with regards to flaunting. 

Music-wise be that as it may, Davido is one of the stunning abilities Nigeria has found in the most recent decade. 


He as of late dropped an EP titled "Child of Mercy". 

He has additionally penned a record manage Sony Music Entertainment, joining the expanding rundown of Nigerian artistes who have procured a worldwide record bargain.

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