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Quilox issues official statement on fight involving "ORITSEFEMI" and club "BOUNCER"

Bouncer injured by Oritsefemi  
At around 2am on Saturday, thirteenth of Nov. 2016, Oritsefemi came into Quilox without earlier reservations or table appointments. Tables are apportioned to clients who have made earlier paid table appointments ahead of time of their entry with the exception of such client is a supporter or individual from the club.

In any case, Oritsefemi who did not fall into any of the classifications above drew nearer a benefactor's table-of-six and argued to be obliged, with the understanding that different visitors of the said supporter were still been normal.
In an amazing unforeseen development, Oristsemi who was drinking from the supporter's container endeavored to sit 8 of his visitors at the table, the astounded benefactor unequivocally rejected such audacity and welcomed the bouncer guarding the floor to intercede.

The bouncer courteously drew nearer Oritsefemi and let him know the supporter's visitors were all the while being normal, however Oristefemi, in an attack of unjustifiable fierceness, slapped the bouncer then continued to soften a glass up his hand and wounding him in the eye.

The scene rapidly got to be unruly as different clients hurried to the table and stood up to the artiste for his brutal conduct, our security group immediately ventured into rescue the circumstance via doing Oristefemi of the club."

"Oristefemi confronted by a chafed group outside and maybe understanding the gravity of his offense put on a show to collaspe. The artiste and the bouncer were accordingly rushed to a nearby hospital.

The bouncer influenced later squeezed charges at Bar Beach police headquarters, where Oritsefemi acknowledged his offense and argued for benevolence, he was released on bail at 12pm on the thirteenth of Nov. furthermore, encouraged to report back to the station on Tues. fifteenth of Nov. 2016.

We were reluctant to discharge a squeeze articulation as a few good natured individuals have endeavored to mediate for the benefit of the artiste, yet after his noxious and terribly bogus record of the occasions that happened, it is quite reasonable that we guard the uprightness and ethos of our association."

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