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Nigerian Man Who Married Two Women At Once Gives His Reasons

Nassarawa man, Isyaka Dahiru, who married two wives on the same day has spoken, saying he loves them both with equal degree, and that some marital issues he had with his ex-wife prompted his decision.

Speaking to Daily Nigerian on Sunday, Mr. Dahiru also said he took the decision because of the love they showed him.
“I have been dating one of the wives, Rashida, since before I divorced my first wife. My life ambition was to marry only two wives. But after the divorce, I met Khadija at my workplace and I fell in love with her.
There is good understanding among us. They call themselves sisters, eat together in the same plate. They are just sisters.
I love them both with equal degree. They showed me deep love and care too. They possess everything I need in a woman. So I couldn’t resist marrying them both at a time” he added.
Asked if he would take another pair in future, Mr. Dahiru simply replied he could not predict the future.

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