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“If Arsenal Try To Stop Eden Hazard, We Have Diego Costa” – Willian

Chelsea midfielder Willian insists they can Arsenal man-marking Eden Hazard in tomorrow’s FA Cup final. Some opponents have chosen to man-mark the Belgian following that derby victory – Manchester United used the tactic to good effect in particular last month.

But Willian isn’t concerned if Arsenal follow suit and told the London Evening Standard: “Eden can decide the game for us, he has the quality to do that. But he doesn’t play alone, he needs the whole team to help him.
“If Arsenal try to just stop Eden, we have Diego Costa, Pedro, myself – all the ones up front can make the difference.
“Of course they have great players too, so we have to be ready as well. Guys like Mesut Ozil and Alexis Sanchez can make a difference for them. We have to keep our eyes on these players.”

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