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Amazing!! Former Bus Conductor Bags Ph.D Degree From Australian University

A former bus conductor in Lagos state has taken to his social media page to share his amazing success story after becoming a Ph.D holder.

The former bus conductor, Mike Olu Akinlabi, who now has a Ph.D degree took to his Facebook page to share his story as an inspiration to millions of readers.
Mike revealed that his life changing journey began twenty years ago when all he had was a dream.
He wrote;
“20 years ago, the only thing I had was a dream. Though I had beautiful dreams, the physical resources to meet my heart desires were beyond my reach. I was homeless, worked as a motor boy or bus conductor (Nigerians will understand this)….
Despite all these challenges, I dedicated at least 2 hours each day to develop myself. I was told several times to quit trying. I was told to stop dreaming.
“To keep the story short, in 2006 I had my first degree and I graduated top in my class. In 2010, an MSc; in 2011, an MPhil from the University of Cambridge; in 2016, a PhD in Criminology and Criminal Justice from Griffith University Australia.”

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