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MESSAGE TO ALL UP AND COMING MUSICIANS (Mistakes upcoming artiste do make & solutions)

Music in Nigeria is a big industry on it own. In a year, Millions of dollars are invested into the music industry that's why you see most of the top notch musicians in Nigeria acquiring costly properties and so on.
For the issue of up and coming musicians, the mistakes some of them make are very much and its causing setback to their career, therefore, they begin to doubt & disbelieve themselves and questions like this begins to radiate in their memories "am i talented? " "is my song good enough? " and so on. 
Some of the mistakes are lack of promotion either on blogs, DJ, radio or Tv stations. Therefore, they rather keep the songs to their phones and listen to it all alone, some will share it to their friends and families which is not strong enough to boost them to a higher destination.  If you are in that category , kindly stop such act and buckle up because to breakthrough the music industry is not a child play.
Some other reasons are lack of funds but to be sincere with you, before you get money, you must spend money.
As a musician, you have to get associated to Djs because they play a vital role in the music industry. Stop been proud, go to clubs, bars, lounge, wedding ceremonies and so on to seek a chance to perform. No platform given to you to perform is neither small nor big, so take up every opportunity given because you don't know who is watching you. 
Hard work really matters a lot, don't be a lazy musician hoping manna will fall from heaven some day. Meet with companies, big personalities in the society for sponsorship.
Lastly, create a huge fan base on all your social media platforms. Always learn to do freestyle at least 3 times a week and post them on all your social media platforms because that brings you closer to your fans and you don't know the length of where the videos wlll reach and probably, a record label or a management company might be captured by your enticing freestyle and you can get signed from there.
The most important thing is, "HAVE A GOOD SONG"
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