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Dammyblast full name is haliu damilola oluwafemi is an Indigenous rapper who hail from ogun state Nigeria. He is the 3rd born his parent .

Dammyblast music adventure began when he was very young,he started by sings to himself, then, he never knew he would ever sing professionally, he did it then, because he felt good whenever he sings. Until when he got into secondary school, when he get to jss3 that was when he discovered that he could not do without singing. he won a couple competitions back then that gave him the confidence to move ahead. Dammyblast is undoubtedly the next 'big thing  The original indigenous street rapper drops his normalthing widely-accepted street joint “normalthing remix”.
Speaking on his music, dammyblast says, “God has been a major source of inspiration to him.he also inspired by his environment; the many things he see, hear and feel are mostly transcribed in my songs”.
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